Haley Kay

Haley Kay a self employed 24 year old beauty therapist from Burnley Lancashire.

Haley enjoys various types of modelling from Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Bondage, Fashion, Fetish, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Pinup, Portrait to Promotional and Sheer. Hayley is open to new ideas ans always will to give anything a go within reason.

I found Hayley to have the patience of a saint! but also loves to have a laugh and a joke on set.

During the 3 hours I was with Hayley on this shoot she was nothing more than just great fun relaxed and a pleasure to work with.

Meeting new models for the first time can always abe a bit awkward, either they are going to like you or they are not, fortunately not, are very few and far between for me. I believe it is how you portray yourself and your confidence behind the camera,  the ability guide the model in the direction of the image you wish to capture is key, dont leave direction soloy up to the model. I believe that just leaving the model to direct herself shows lack or creativity and imagination on the side of the photographer so help your model to help yourself.